Cost Planning and Construction Cost
Cost planning and construction cost is the process of construction budget estimating which seeks to offer some form of cost control mechanism through the design process, and finally through the procurement and construction phase. The main aim is to provide cost advice to the client, expenditure control and overall better value for money. This process keeps the client and design team fully informed at each stage, from concept to final accounts. CAS can provide cost plans and construction cost estimates to prospective developers, investors and contractors. CAS has over the years developed a comprehensive and detailed rates breakdown, including all-in rates build-up using current market prices for materials, labour, and production standard out-puts. CAS has developed all-in built-up rates for several Caribbean islands.
Feasibility and Viability Reports
At the feasibility stage of any project it is important for the client/developer to have solid and reliable cost information to determine whether or not the project should proceed, CAS can provide clients and developers with the following services under the umbrella of the feasibility and viability report; - Detailed construction cost budget - Detailed risk analysis on various proposed schemes - Procurement route choices - Detailed cashflow analysis which will assist the developer in forecasting funding levels
Bills of Quantities Production
CAS can boast itself of a strong background in traditional quantity surveying practices in which Bills of Quantities production is the cornerstone. The production of a clear, robust and accurate Bills of Quantities not only assist with the issue of transparency, it also provides the best basis for accurate construction costing and tender comparison. It provides the design team with a detailed audit of the design which proves to be an invaluable tool for value engineering. CAS can provide detailed Bills of Quantities from incomplete drawings whereby approximate bills can form the basis of the cost plan. CAS holds licenses for several bills production software which assist greatly in the accuracy and speed of the production. CAS provides Bills of Quantities production services for both developers and contractors (Builders Quantities).
Tender Documentation, Analysis and Report
The composition of the tender documentation will be determined by the procurement route chosen for the project. The process of documentation involves the compiling of a tender package which would typically include the following; - Bills of Quantities/Schedule of rates/scope or work schedule - Tender drawings - Specifications - Preliminaries - Sample contracts and security forms CAS can provide the service of compiling the tender package, administer tender addendums, receipt of tender returns, analyze the tender return documents, and final report with recommendations.
Project Value Management and Engineering
This process aims at identifying where the high value areas are in a project and removing unnecessary cost before, during and after construction. Value engineering technique seeks to improve the value for money in construction projects by changing the design to improve their efficiency at no extra cost. CAS can provide value engineering services throughout the life of the project which will clearly define what is valued on a project which will help the decision making process.
Construction Contract Administration
Contract administration involves the timely flow of information which will enhance the construction process and assist the client decision making ability. CAS can provide a comprehensive service to the client regardless to the type of contract. CAS will ensure all contractual obligations are met by both clients and contractor. Monthly reports will be issued which would typically include current and projected cost, variations and claims tracking, contingency monitoring and cashflow forecasting. As part of our services where CAS is not directly involved in the overall contract administration of a project we are still able to provide accurate assessments of value of works to date and variation assessments, for financial lending institutions and developers.
Cashflow Forecasting
Cashflow forecast can be defined as the process of identifying when costs are expected to be incurred. This is normally done in conjunction with the contractors programme of works. An accurate prediction of a project cashflow is important to any client and developer to ensure the appropriate level of funding is available at the right time. CAS can provide accurate cashflow forecast which will be updated during the construction phase to reflect changes due to variations etc. cashflow forecast can also help in monitoring the progress of the works.
Cost Replacement Valuation
Cost Replacement Valuations are typically done for insurance purposes. This confirms the value to replace a property in the event of being destroyed. CAS provides a detailed valuation report which can be used by insurance companies to assist in premium calculations. CAS reports will typically include; Demolition and site clearance; professional fees and governmental taxes; construction replacement cost to match existing, using current techniques and materials; and allowance for inflation.